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The color scheme encyclopedia which is useful to WEB production fashion interior design

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The color scheme encyclopedia which is useful to WEB production fashion interior design

When producing WEB, avoiding, the fact that it cannot pass is "sight design". Do contents of the sight having been decided, with some kind of image, no color make the sight in keynote? Unless this is decided, it does not advance first, don't you think?

In the color scheme encyclopedia when everyone produces the WEB sight, in addition, even with genre other than WEB producing, this site in order for you to be able to produce the splendid work in hint, it starts publishing the request and many color scheme patterns.

Color scheme patternThere is no special explanation and the like in color scheme pattern. Inspiration circumstance of everyone. How you using, you are not concerned. In addition, because there are no times when color scheme and copyright etc. occur in color, when utilizing color scheme pattern, and so on it refuses in this site and it is not necessary to insert. Please utilize freely.

* Copyright occurs in composition, the picture and the illustration and the like which are used with this site.

When it can receive making use of this sight as hint of color scheme it is fortunate, but you think that various really it is, the sight and announcement etc. also those where you try seeing become study. When the sight which attaches importance design and color scheme and color is searched, when the design school, it tries searching with interior etc., it hits many. Please try referring the balance of the point and color scheme of design. As for study of color scheme and design, the large quantity seeing, the eye fattening/fertilizing is easy thing number one.




Expression method of the color due to three attributes, Munsell color ring hue and tone name

The Munsell color system which is used worldwide as method of color expression even in Japan is adopted "method of presentation JIS of the color due to three attributes" (JISZ8721) as.

Those which explain Munsell color ring in the figure are sort under. Concerning the lightness and chroma (a) it is as in the chart. As for the hue which is distributed (b) please view. Hue when you remember in the wheel is convenient. (c) In name and sense of tone name. Because it is understood sensuously, as for this as for the necessity especially to remember it is not, but to reference.

+ Lightness, chroma and hue +


Lightness chroma

The lightness is brightness of color. Numerical value about is high to be bright becomes (white). Chroma is the vividness of color. Numerical value about is high, becomes vivid.

+ Tone name summary +


V Vivid
S Strong
B Bright
P Pale
Vp Very Pale
Gr Grayish
Lgr Light Grayish
L Light
Dl Dull
Dp Deep
Dk Dark
Dgr Dark Grayish


When balance of hue is remembered, it reaches the point where it can do the color scheme which balance is taken even with the WEB sight.






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Fashion, the interior, design and the WEB sight, it is the color scheme encyclopedia which is useful to the leaflet and announcement etc.. Please solve also the problem of color scheme and the color which it is essential to sight design, with this sight. In the color color scheme encyclopedia the color code of WEB is used. Because it is open on the WEB sight, only the WEB color code has published from the presumption, as for the one which comes to this site the one where we would like to know the WEB color probably will be more, but when you use, with other use such as interior and printing, you think that it can substitute with the color which has been similar. When you can view this site with balance of sensuous color scheme, color and the color, it is fortunate. In addition, in the color color scheme encyclopedia various services, the color scheme sample is published every photograph and theme.However we would like to make real estate concerns and the residential constructive company-related sight, you do not know whether some color scheme comes exactly there is no ?A?L ?A?N thing where production does not move forward? On the basis of the menu photograph of the pizza house, we would like to decide the use color, but is there is no ?A?L ?A?N thing where balance of color scheme is not recognized is? Such a time please designate the color color scheme encyclopedia as hint. Color scheme is various real estate, the construction company, the design office, the color scheme and eating-house which is agreeable to office affiliation, the color scheme which is agreeable to first hood system and the color scheme which is agreeable to fashion, the miscellaneous goods and accessory system, by the sight which we would like to make. Please use the color scheme of favorite freely from midst of many color scheme patterns.